Sunday, October 14, 2012

Securing Facebook with GoogleAuthenticator

How to make Facebook's 2 factor authentication work with GoogleAuthenticator on your mobile device.

Brief introduction to 2-step authentication

Required: GoogleAuthenticator
Android  /  iOS  /  WindowsMobile  /  Blackberry

1. Go to Facebook 'Account Settings/Mobile' to add a phone number to receive SMS notifications. 

2. Wait for confirmation code to arrive and register your number by entering the code.

3. Go to Facebook 'Account Settings/Security/Login Approvals' and check the 'Require me to enter a security code each time..' checkbox.

4. After clicking 'Set up Now' button you'll be sent another confirmation code, enter it to activate this feature.

5. Continue forward to generate yourself an iPhone/Android key to use with GoogleAuthenticator.

6. You'll be presented with dialogue window which tells you to visit platform's app store to install Facebook app, there's no need for such thing at the moment as chances are that you already has it installed. Just hit 'Next'.

7. Pay attention to this step and hit the 'Having trouble?' link on dialogue window and it'll take you to 'Code Generator' step.

8. Hit 'Get Key' to get one generated for you.

9. On your device, open GoogleAuthenticator app and proceed setting up a new account via app menu.

10. Tap the 'Enter provided key' and type in the account name (eg. Facebook) and the key you just generated.


I left it as 'Time Based' and haven't tried the other option as i'm not quite sure what it does exactly. Do the same por favor.

11. Profit  :)

Use GoogleAuthenticator to secure Facebook

You'll be asked for the GoogleAuthenticator code every time you log in from new device in the future. While it can be a tedious and pain in the ass task, remember, you're the one who wanted added security feature. 

Same security level can be achieved with couple of other web services like Google, LastPass, Dropbox, AmazonWebServices, Wordpress and more. 

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